Donation FAQs

1. What are the methods can I use to donate to JHP online? 

Ans: One can donate online through Internet banking (Indian banks only), National or International Debit Card/Credit Card.

 2. Can I donate through cheques/demand drafts, if Yes- how? 

Ans: One can send us a cheque or DD* in the favor “Janahitha Paksha” (*DD payable at Bellary). Postal Address: Shop No. 31 C, BUDA Shopping Complex, Bellary - 583101. Karnataka State.

 3. I have a Citibank bank account. How can make a donation?

Ans: Citibank account holders can donate through Citibank Debit/Credit Card. Even, One can send us a cheque in the favor “Janahitha Paksha” at Shop No. 31 C, BUDA Shopping Complex, Bellary - 583101.  Karnataka State.

 4. Are my donations eligible for tax deductions?

Ans: All donations except cash are eligible for tax deductions under section 80 GGB/GGC of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 

 5. Who can donate to JHP? 

Ans: Donor should be an Indian citizen either living in India or abroad (NRIs with Valid Indian passport). 

6. How do I know that my donation has been accepted? 

Ans: Incase of online donation, the receipt are sent at the registered email id, after every successful transaction. However, for Cheque / DD / cash, the receipt are sent by post or hand delivery as the case may be.

 7. I have more questions on donations. How do I get more help? 

Ans: One can e-mail us at or call us at +91-9243210936.

 8. What payment gateways do you use? 

Ans: For Domestic transactions, we have CCAvenue as the payment gateway. For International transactions, we have Citrus and IDBI payment gateway for Internet Banking and Debit/Credit Cards, respectively.

 9. What security measures do you have in place?

Ans: The donation process is behind 128 bit SSL encryption.Our Payment gateway partners are PCI compliant. PCI compliance is the international minimum standard to be followed by all payment providers for security. Over 10,000 people have already donated to us.  As soon as an online donation is made and is successful, donors get an email from JHP. They can also check their donation details online immediately, thereby ensuring that JHP and only JHP has received their donations. 

10. Do you store my credit card information? 

Ans: No. The JHP servers do not store any credit/debit card related information with them.

11. What country should I select in the country field of my drop down?

Ans: While making online donation, select the country in which you are presently residing. 

12. Does JHP accept international cheques?

Ans: Yes. 

13. Can I use Paypal? Why don't you use Paypal?

Ans: No, Paypal has not given us the approval for online transfers.

14. Can NRIs pay into a local bank account e.g. US or UK bank account?

Ans: NRIs can instruct their bank to debit their account and issue a Demand draft payable at Bellary, in favor of JANAHITHA PAKSHA, in Indian currency (INR) & send that to Janahitha Paksha, Shop No. 31 C, BUDA Shopping Complex, Bellary - 583101.  Karnataka State. You need to give your details, in the message column, including your Indian passport no.

15. Can I use Money2India/TimesofMoney or similar remittance service to donate to JHP?

Ans: No; We could not disclose our account number.  

16. What are JHP bank account details? I want to send money directly/deposit cheque / deposit cash.?

Ans: We cannot share the bank account number, as we will be not able to track the donors details. As we want to list all the names & details of all donors.

17. I had a failed transaction - what does it mean? Who do I get in touch with?

Ans: One can mail us at or call us at +91-9243210936.

18. I had a failed transaction but money has been taken from my card/bank account. What do I need to do?

Ans: Mail us at or call us at +91-9243210936.

19. I have no transaction number or email but money has been taken from the account.

Ans: Mail us at with details such as amount, name of donor, email id, date of transaction and mode of payment. 

20. What if I don’t want to give my passport details?

Ans: For NRI’s, passport number is a mandatory field to validate the citizenship.